October 2011 Newsletter

  • PortfolioCenter® 5.4 Coming Soon—Sign Up for the Release
    Sign up to be notified when PortfolioCenter 5.4 is available for download in November. This release features several important cost basis enhancements to help you prepare for the next phase of the regulations. To learn more about the new cost basis features, register for our December 7 webcast.
  • Introducing Schwab OpenView Integrated Office™
    We’re excited to introduce Schwab OpenView Integrated Office, a turnkey solution that brings together a customized Salesforce® client relationship management, our own PortfolioServices portfolio management, and Schwab custody data. Schwab OpenView Integrated Office is part of the Schwab Intelligent Integration™ initiative to help advisors improve integration between the systems and workflows in their office.
  • Catch our Sessions at IMPACT® 2011
    Don’t miss the latest product demos and the chance to learn more about upcoming PortfolioCenter enhancements at the IMPACT 2011 conference in San Francisco, November 1–4. Learn more about the three sessions we’re hosting and register today at impact.schwab.com.
  • Understanding Partial Wash Sales
    Without the right information, adjusting wash sale variances can be complicated. Learn more about handling partial wash sales in PortfolioCenter with Handling Partial Wash Sales Series: One Trade Lot and Troubleshooting Cost Basis Reconciliation Issues Checklist.
  • Update on PortfolioCenter® Supported Technologies
    In the June issue, we announced that PortfolioCenter will no longer support SQL Server® 2005, Windows® Server 2003, and Windows XP products in future releases. To ensure you have the time you need to prepare for this change, we’re delaying end of support for these products by a few months.
  • Explore Presentation Studio Through Our Training Video
    Watch our new training video for step-by-step instructions covering some of the most commonly used areas in Presentation Studio, such as the elements library, page options, and creating and running presentations.

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